Month: January 2015

At the end of 2014 I tried to choose the favourite books I’d read during the year. I discovered two things. Firstly, it was a real struggle to remember what I had actually read. Secondly, I had started and failed to finish far more books than I had completed. So this year I’m planning to do […]

Balihar Sanghera (Kent) Tuesday, February 17th 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, R1.04 Ramphal Building, University of Warwick This paper examines how charitable giving is an outcome of different interacting elements of lay morality. Charitable giving reflects people’s capacity for fellow-feeling (or sympathy), moral sentiments, personal reflexivity, ethical dispositions, moral norms and moral discourses. An eclectic […]

An interesting looking event being organised by Joseph De-Lappe and others: Call for Papers BSA Postgraduate Conference: ‘Emotional Methodologies’ 19 May 2015   University of Leicester  The conference ‘Emotional Methodologies’ will explore methods for researching emotionally-charged data and reflections on researchers’ responses to them, focusing on two themes: • The methodological consequences of the affective turn […]

This looks interesting: Call for Papers Is well-being the most appropriate measure of the state of post-crisis societies in the West? Can different tools that assess it provide useful and meaningful information about societal prosperity which can be used by the policy makers? What sociology can add to the discussion about appropriate indicators of human […]

​​Centre for Social Ontology Seminars: Spring Term 2015 January 27th: Dave Elder-Vass (Loughborough University) R1.15 Prosumption, appropriation and the ontology of economic form February 3rd: Beth Weaver (University of Strathclyde) R1.15 The Relational ‘We’ in Social Morphogenesis February 17th: Balihar Sanghera (University of Kent) R1.04 Lay ethics, distortions and charitable giving March 10th: Alistair Mutch […]

2015 Call for Papers about Asexuality Asexuality Studies Interest Group National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) November 12-15, 2015, Milwaukee, Wisconsin The NWSA Asexuality Studies Interest Group welcomes papers for the 2015 NWSA annual conference. These asexuality-related themes are orientated towards the full NWSA 2015 CFP which can be found here: If you are interested […]

They just express it in a very different way: “Bourdieu’ s big idea was the champs, field, and mine was monde, world—what’s the difference?” Becker asks rhetorically. “Bourdieu’s idea of field is kind of mystical. It’s a metaphor from physics. I always imagined it as a zero-sum game being played in a box. The box is full […]