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I first encountered the work of Rachel Hills in 2012, when she interviewed me for an essay in the Atlantic exploring asexuality. The conversation itself was incredibly stimulating and the ensuing piece of work was the best thing I’ve read about asexuality in the media. I’ve been waiting since then for her book, The Sex […]

I’m looking forward to this event on Friday. It’s been ages since I’ve talked about a/sexuality! Sexuality and Gender Conference & Official Launch of the Palgrave Handbook of the Psychology of Sexuality and Gender The Open University Camden, 1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, London NW1 8NP Map here Friday November 27th 2015 9.30am until 7pm […]

If I had any more conference funding left then I’d be going to this. The early bird post-doc rate is admirably cheap: A Critical Moment: Sex/Gender Research at the Intersection of Culture, Brain, & Behavior October 23-24, 2015  – Early Registration is Now Open UCLA, Los Angeles, California WEBSITES http://www.thefpr.org/conference2015/ http://www.thefprconference2015.org Confirmed Keynote Speaker is Dr. Anne […]

Critical Sexology Seminar Feminist Encounters with Evolutionary Psychology  Guest-Organized by Rachel O’Neill, King’s College London.    ​Friday 30 January 2015, 2-6pm Room G.80, Franklin-Wilkins Building King’s College London (Waterloo Campus) ​ Prof. Deborah Cameron, University of Oxford: “Evolution, language and the battle of the sexes: A feminist linguist encounters evolutionary psychology” Dr. Celia Roberts, Lancaster University: “Evolution, early puberty and the half-lives of […]

Sexuality activists/academics – do consider submitting to this and please pass it on. Due to the huge interest in the Sexual Cultures 2: Academia Meets Activism conference, we have extended the Call for Papers to 15 January 2015.  Please circulate widely and forward to individuals/networks who might be interested. Sexual Cultures 2: Academia Meets Activism April 8-10 […]

In her The Reflexive Imperative, Margaret Archer presents an idea she terms the necessity of selection: the necessity of selecting from the options available to us. These options are always structurally and culturally circumscribed, albeit to wildly varying degrees, however they remain options. The nature of our ‘selections’ vary wildly but they are always a matter of discriminating between […]

If we accept this account then we can see the ‘sexual revolution’ as constituting a decoupling of sex from commitment. Can we read the emergence of asexuality as a parallel decoupling of commitment from sex? “The really big change in sexual practices among young Americans occurred with the Baby Boomer generation, that is the move toward premarital […]

This looks worthwhile: Early Career Researcher Conference Gender, sexuality and young people: After No Outsiders Date: 9th December, 2014, 10..00am – 16.30pm Venue: University of York, Berrick Saul Building, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together Early Career Researchers whose work explores issues around gender, sexuality, and young people. It is […]

This looks like a great idea. Despite having decided I don’t want to do asexuality research anymore, I’m rather tempted to have a serious go at setting out my idea about the historical emergence of the sexual assumption in the hope I can get some corpus linguists interested in helping me investigate it: We are […]

This article by a sexual health therapist appeared on an Australian news website a few days ago. It cautions against identification as asexual on the grounds that it precludes ‘further exploration’. We are told that “sexuality is as normal as breathing” and that those deliberating about their possible asexuality should “do some exploring, take your time” […]

In the last few years my interest in asexuality has shifted from a concern with the experience of asexual people to a preoccupation with why those who aren’t asexual find it as confusing as they do. This can seem to be a confusingly niche interest, or at least I occasionally worry that it might come across […]

This looks good: Link to the Journal Issue: http://link.springer.com/journal/10767/27/2/page/1 List of Contents: 1) Susie Jacobs and Christian Klesse: lntroduction: Special Issue on “Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy” (pp 129-152) 2) Floya Anthias:  The Intersections of Class, Gender, Sexuality and ‘Race’: The Political Economy of Gendered Violence (pp 153-171) 3) Susie Jacobs: Gender, Land and Sexuality: Exploring Connections (pp 173-190) 4) Encarnación […]

This looks like a very important & worthwhile project: Queer Futures is a national study exploring the self-harm and suicidal feelings of young LGBTQ peopleLancaster University is leading a £300,000 study aimed at reducing self-harm and suicide among young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or questioning.International research has shown that LGBTQ adolescents and […]

http://www.criticalsexology.org.uk 30 May 2014 | Sex Critical Approaches to Pornography A guest-organized session convened by Prof. Feona Attwood & Dr Helen Hester, Middlesex University. Venue: The Boardroom, 2nd Floor, College Building, Hendon Campus, Middlesex University (Map here: http://www.mdx.ac.uk/Assets/Hendon_Campus_Pocketmap.pdf) From 2pm. (The seminar will take the form of four 10-minute-long discussion papers followed by responses and debate. This session […]

Conference: Older Care Home Residents and Sexuality/Intimacy. The Older People’s Understandings of Sexuality (OPuS) research group, (Manchester and Bradford Universities), is organizing a FREE half-day conference on older care home residents and sexuality/intimacy. The event will take place 2pm – 5pm, Monday 14 July 2014, conference room G.036B, Jean Macfarlane building, University of Manchester. Lunch will […]

Routledge Journals Publishes Porn Studies March 2014 – Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) publish the first double issue of Porn Studies, the premier dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal tocritically explore those cultural products and services designated as pornographic and their cultural, economic, historical, institutional, legal and social contexts. Porn Studies is edited by Professor Feona Attwood of Middlesex University and Professor […]