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The Entlastung of the Quantified Self

I’m very interested in this concept, which I was introduced to through the work of Pierpaolo Donati and Andrea Maccarini earlier this year. It emerged from the work of Arnold Gehlen and refers to the role of human institutions in unburdening us from existential demands. This is quoted from his Human Beings […]

Science Gallery Dublin – Lifelogging Lab CALL for Proposals for upcoming exhibition

This looks interesting: Lifelogging Lab CLOSING DATE: Thursday, October 23, 2014 – 12:00 LIFELOGGING LAB If you could measure everything…would you? Calling all trackers, quantifiers, analysers and creative counters Science Gallery is seeking proposals for its upcoming exhibition LIFELOGGING LAB, which will open in February 2015. Exhibition and laboratory […]

Very interesting looking Quantified Self workshop in November

We are delighted to invite you to our forthcoming Quantified Self Workshop taking place Thursday 13th November 2014, 1000 – 1700,Somerset House, London.The workshop focuses on the Quantified Self and Digital Quantified Self technologies. We aim to generate discussion about the opportunities these technologies create to improve sustainability. We will cover areas of health, […]

CfP The Role of Quantified Self for Personal Healthcare @ IEEE BIBM’14, Belfast‏‎

Call for Papers for ===================================================================== International Workshop on The Role of Quantified Self for the Personal Healthcare (QSPH’14) ===================================================================== November 2014, held in conjunction with IEEE BIBM 2014 in Belfast, UK ——————————————————————— MOTIVATION In recent years there has been considerable interest in tracking a variety of health-related data via […]

The five modes of self-tracking

Deborah Lupton has posted a very useful item on her blog, attached to a forthcoming paper, suggesting five modes of self-tracking: Private self-tracking Pushed self-tracking Communal self-tracking Imposed self-tracking Exploited self-tracking You can read the full post here. The only one I’m not convinced of is ‘exploited self-tracking’. I otherwise really […]

Self-tracking and data sensibilities

I recently blogged about the idea of the ‘qualified self’ and why I’m drawn to this phrase. As sometimes happens, I wasn’t being enormously serious when I started writing the post but had argued myself into a new position by the end of it. I like the ‘qualified self’ because […]

Self-tracking, governmentality and social control

This post on Org Theory, which makes reference to a superb New Yorker article about the Fitbit, nicely captures an ambivalence about self-tracking which I share: In fact, there is a whole Quantified Self movement, complete with conferences and meet-up groups. One obvious take on this is that we’re all becoming perfect neoliberal subjects, rational, entrepreneurial and self-disciplined. […]

Two upcoming quantified self special issues

Flagged up by Deborah Lupton on the medical QS mailing list: Sensor Informatics and Quantified Self Deadline: 18 December 2014 Preventing disease through promotion of healthy lifestyle choice is a potentially cost-effective approach to modern healthcare challenges. Choices such as diet, physical activity, sleep, smoking and alcohol, have all been associated […]

CfP: Theorising Personal Medical Devices: New Perspectives

CALL FOR PAPERS Theorising Personal Medical Devices: New Perspectives 18th-19th September 2014 Post-doctoral Suite, 16 Mill Lane, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Fuelled by the accelerating pace of technological development and a general shift to personalised, patient-led medicine alongside the growing Quantified Self and Big Data movements, the emerging field of personal […]