Two upcoming quantified self special issues

Flagged up by Deborah Lupton on the medical QS mailing list:

Big-Data for HealthSensor Informatics and Quantified Self
Deadline: 18 December 2014
Preventing disease through promotion of healthy lifestyle choice is a potentially cost-effective approach to modern healthcare challenges. Choices such as diet, physical activity, sleep, smoking and alcohol, have all been associated with many medical conditions.  The purpose of this special issue is to address key topics in sensor informatics and quantified self, with focuses on novel sensor design, stratify patient management, long term continuous monitoring of therapeutic response, social and psychological aspects related to self-tracking practices, policy, security, piracy of personal wellbeing data, etc.

Big-Data for HealthBig-Data for Health
Deadline: 29 September 2014
The purpose of this special issue is to address the latest technical development and practical applications of big-data for health. Specific focus will be placed on the impact of big-data on bioinformatics, imaging informatics, sensor informatics, medical informatics and public health informatics, including initiatives that enable use of big-data analytics in health systems for improved clinical decision making, enhanced efficiency of care provision, policy development and policy implementation.

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