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Since I keep forgetting which films I’ve seen, here’s a list for my own purposes, starting in late July 2018: Hotel Artemis Generation Wealth Annihilation Under the Tree Ant Man and the Wasp The Escape The Heiresses Mad to be Normal Moneyball BlackKklansman Apostasy Cold War Searching American Animals A Simple Favour The Big Lebowski […]

There’s forest fire up in the hills again Always reminds me of the night we spent at the river’s edge For hours standing hand in hand Too chicken shit to just go diving it Too scared to turn away and face the fate that awaits us both back on land Forest fire has a smell […]

Though we are all related through common ancestry Still, some of us are fated by where or what we be. We could not choose our birthplace, our gender, race, or creed We’re praiséd, loved, or hated for every word or deed. Because we all are sisters or brothers, through and through; No one should try […]

Social Media Training Workshop Led by Holly Powell Jones City University, London EC1V 0HB   Monday 8 May 2017, 12.30 – 4.00 pm This workshop will be of interest and assistance if you wish to use social media to disseminate your work, identify and share relevant opportunities, communicate a cause, or promote an organisation, charity, […]

How long How long ago 16 years Everyday Of course I know Of course I know Forget his face? Of course I don’t Etched like a crystal vase These broken fingers Some things don’t heal I can’t wake up from a dream When the dream is real These broken fingers Forget his eyes? His silhouette? […]

Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night Now they blew up his house too Down on the boardwalk they’re gettin’ ready For a fight gonna see what them racket boys can do Now there’s trouble busin’ in from outta state And the D.A. can’t get no relief Gonna be a rumble […]

I’m broke and I’m hungry, I’m hard up and I’m lonely I’ve been dancing on this killing floor for years And of the few things I am certain, I’m the captain of my burden I’m sorry doll, I could never stop the rain Once you said I was your hero You would dance with me […]

And I got half a mind to let it all burn up in this fire I’ve had burning through my veins since I first learned to cry I’d watch this whole night come down and never miss her again I never felt right and never fit in walkin’ in my own skin Walkin’ in my […]

I always had a roof above me, I always paid the rent And I’ve never set foot inside a tent I couldn’t build a fire to save my life I lied about being the outdoor type Well, I’ve never slept out underneath the stars The closest that I came to that was one time in […]

CALL FOR PAPERS Communities of Practice: Toward a Local and Global Digital Humanities This special collection will explore the potential impact of information technology and digital media on humanities research communities. The editors encourage a wide range of novel and interdisciplinary approaches to this theme. We seek submissions dedicated to describing community formation and collaboration […]

I fell into the ocean When you became my wife I risked it all aganist the sea To have a better life Marie you’re the wild blue sky And men do foolish things You turn kings into beggars And beggars into kings Pretend that you owe me nothing And all the world is green We […]