Anthem for a Planet’s Children

Though we are all related through common ancestry
Still, some of us are fated by where or what we be.
We could not choose our birthplace, our gender, race, or creed
We’re praiséd, loved, or hated for every word or deed.

Because we all are sisters or brothers, through and through;
No one should try to twist us, or tell us what to do.
We are our planet’s children: we each deserve our say;
And everyone is equal to go in their own way.

Beware of those who chide us, and Unity despise:
They only would divide us, by spiteful deeds and lies
Our future is together, our past is reconciled;
We’ll join our hands in friendship: we cannot be reviled.

Transcribed from Cooper Boyes Simpson album, “Coda”, words possibly written by Lester Simpson?

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