Call for Papers – NGender: Seminars in Gender and Sexuality Related Research

Call for Papers

NGENDER: Seminars in Research Related to Gender and Sexuality

University of Sussex, Spring 2014

NGender is entering it’s exciting fifth year at Sussex. We hope to continue the success of previous years in hosting interdisciplinary papers on a variety of gender and sexuality-related themes.

NGender is organized by doctoral students and aims to bring together scholars from Sussex and beyond; across departments and disciplines to share ideas and discover new trends and developments. We are now inviting submissions of abstracts from doctoral students and early career scholars who wish to present their work-in-progress and get feedback in a supportive scholarly environment, at an institution with a strong reputation for gender-related research.

The seminars will take place fortnightly during Tuesday lunchtimes throughout the spring term, from mid-January to mid-March, at the University of Sussex. We encourage participation from across schools and disciplines, and welcome proposals on the following, non-exhaustive list of themes below:

– Gender-Based Activism, Social Change and Participation
– Femininities and Girlhood, Masculinities and Boyhood
– Geographies, Migration and Sexual Geographies
– Development, Economics and Politics
– Authoritative Knowledge, Education, Learning and Teaching
– Bisexualities and Queer Identities
– Drag, Performativity and Tomboys
– Trans, Intersex and Non-Binary Identities
– Theoretical and Methodological Debates
– Histories of Gender
– Gender and Violence
– Gender, Sexuality, Legal Systems and Justice
– Narratives of Health, Disability, the Body, [In]Flexibility, and Embodiment
-Literature and Linguistics

– Arts and Art History
– Digital Technologies, Media and Film
– Religions and Spirituality

If you would like to present, please send a word document containing:

– An abstract (300 words) for a 20 minute presentation
– A brief biography (including name, degree, year and research interests)
– 5 keywords which reflect the main themes of your presentation
– The dates of any Tuesdays on which you are NOT free to present between 21st January 2014 and Tuesday 8th 2014
– Your contact details

We regret that there are no bursaries available for travel and expenses incurred in attending NGender to present papers.

Abstracts must be received by Monday 2nd December 2013 to be considered.

Please direct all submissions and enquiries to

NGender: Graduate seminars in Gender and Sexuality, University of Sussex

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