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the rituals of tech bros 

From The Boy Kings, by Katherine Losse, pg 134: That Sunday, after I’d slept off our long night, I logged in to Facebook to see an endless stream of videos that the boys had filmed at the club. In them, the boys were not chatting up or kissing girls they […]

CfP: Critical Realism, Gender and Feminism

Call for Papers ( Critical Realism, Gender and Feminism Special Issue of the Journal of Critical Realism (15:5, 2016) Edited by Angela Martínez Dy, Lena Gunnarsson and Michiel van Ingen Email:<> An increasing number of gender scholars have become familiar with critical realism, finding it a robust alternative to the […]

The sociology of Elliot Rodger

I wrote an overly brief post recently about the Elliot Rodger case (in the process offending some guys who are nice, though not ‘nice guys’) – this article by Richard Seymour, prefixed with a trigger warning, deftly shows how there’s much more to this case than just one person’s contingent […]

Special Issue on ‘Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy

This looks good: Link to the Journal Issue: List of Contents: 1) Susie Jacobs and Christian Klesse: lntroduction: Special Issue on “Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy” (pp 129-152) 2) Floya Anthias:  The Intersections of Class, Gender, Sexuality and ‘Race’: The Political Economy of Gendered Violence (pp 153-171) 3) Susie Jacobs: Gender, Land and Sexuality: […]

BSA Seminar ‘Masculinities, Adaptation and Difference’ – deadline extended

BSA Gender Study Group and BSA Youth Study GroupMasculinities, Adaptation and DifferenceA joint, one day seminar Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, LondonFriday 4 July 2014Call for PapersDeadline extended to 25.04.2014Since the late 1970s critical studies of men and masculinities have explored the ways in which men’s lives have been shaped by a […]

Laddism and Higher Education

Laddism and Higher Education A one-day SEN symposium discussing masculine behaviours and student culture. The Student Experience Network of the SRHE is holding a one day symposium on laddism and Higher Education. Its focus is on the intersection of such masculine behaviours with student culture, minorities, lived experience, and the […]

Constructing Sexual Subjects – The CSWG Graduate Seminar Series @SocioWarwick

The CSWG Graduate Seminar Series starts off this term with a seminar entitled Constructing Sexual Subjects to be held on Wednesday the 22th of January,5pm-7pm in the Ramphal Builing, room R0.14. Presentations: Julieta Vartabedian, University of Newcastle Do they transgress? On Brazilian travesti sex workers and their perceptions of themselves. Stephen Symons, University of Northampton Any swing goes? Discursive constructions of […]