AGender: A Conference about Female and Transgender Masculinities


A Conference about Female and Transgender Masculinities

16 and 17 June 2014 – Leeds Art Gallery

This conference is inspired by the artwork (and lives) of the artists Marlow Moss and Claude Cahun which will be shown in exhibitions at Leeds Art Gallery during the summer of 2014. It will explore female and transgender masculinities in the context of visual arts, queer culture and community engagement. In a lively combination of key note presentations and participative workshops this event will generate and discuss strategies to challenge negative attitudes to gender variance. It is hoped that the event will attract diverse participants including academics, artists, activists and professionals.

Themes could include:

 Artist-led workshops exploring female and transgender masculinities, drag and

 Female and transgender masculinities, performativity and queer theories.

 Health and wellbeing issues and hate crime victimisations arising from negative
attitudes to gender variance.

 Gender binarism and sports including perceived risks of becoming masculine
and associations with lesbianism and transgenderism.

 Queer cultural readings of the artists’ work, other LGBTQ historical individuals
and the time period.

 Perspectives on the conference themes influenced by intersectionality
particularly post-colonial/critical race theories, Jewish queer culture (both
artists had Jewish heritage) and disability theories.

Proposals for both academic papers and participative workshops will be considered.
150 word proposals to be sent to: no later than 25.4.14,

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