The Ethical Economy, w/ Adam Arvidsson – Middlesex University, 17 February 2015

Wish I could make this:

Research Seminar – The Ethical Economy
Collaborative ethics, promotional cultures and digital media

Guest Speaker: Prof. Adam Arvidsson (University of Milan)
Tuesday 17th February (h. 17 – Middlesex University, Room C107)

The event will explore the different aspects around the new ‘collaborative economy’ that is emerging out of the crisis of corporate capitalism: peer production, the sharing economy, co-working spaces, impact business and prosumerism.

Professor Adam Arvidsson from University of Milan will discuss how a more ethical economic system can emerge that rectifies the crisis of our current downturn, while balancing the injustices of extreme poverty and wealth.

Join us to discuss how innovations in production, valuation and distribution systems interplay to potentially demonstrate that social production and the motivation of continuous capital accumulation can exist hand-in-hand with a new desire to maximize social impact.

Respondents: Sophia Drakopoulou (Middlesex University – Cybersalon) and Alessandro Gandini (Middlesex University).

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