W.G. Runciman @SocioWarwick on January 22nd

The Social Theory Centre at Warwick is pleased to announce two events happening on Thursday 22nd January 2015 with W.G. Runciman (Trinity College, Cambridge; ex-President of the British Academy):

Why So Little, Why So Much?: Change in English Society Since the Time of Defoe

A workshop with W.G. Runciman based on his recently published book Very Different, But Much the Same: The Evolution of English Society Since 1714.  Assuming no prior reading , Runciman will elucidate his vision of English social history over the last 300 years according to his neo-Darwinian model for sociological explanation.  This will prove to be a fascinating opportunity to engage with one of Britain foremost sociologists.   

Location: Postgraduate Hub

Time: 3:30 pm

Evolutionary Sociology: New Paradigm or Old Hat?
A debate between W.G. Runciman and Steve Fuller.  On one hand we have Runciman and his attempt to remodel the social sciences along evolutionary lines.  On the other, Prof. Steve Fuller, who has defended “Intelligent Design” and predicted the eventual decline of Darwinism.  The debate will be chaired by Dr. Charles Turner (Editor of the European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology). 
Location: MS.02

Time: 5:30 pm

ALL WELCOME – please contact Dan Fairbrother (D.J.Fairbrother@warwick.ac.uk) for further details. 

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