How to be an academic and deal with stupid & hostile interviewers

4 thoughts on “How to be an academic and deal with stupid & hostile interviewers”

  1. How an obvious mistake? By all means say it once, but then try and make some substantial points, even if the interviewer seems to be uninformed and hostile, which she does. I don’t like his stance (I’m referring to the first interview) because I take such repeated appeals to one’s own personal authority as a scholar and PhD-holder as expressing arrogance and a naive (or self-serving) faith in the purity of the academic process of research as a means of reaching knowledge, and also as distracting from the actual content of Aslan’s argument, whatever it is, the terms of which both parties seemed happy not to address in the interview.

  2. He did both! I mean a mistake because academic authority is his license to speak – would he have been invited if he wasn’t an academic? It’s reasserting his expertise in the face of hostile & asinine questioning

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