Four alternatives to Evernote

7 responses to “Four alternatives to Evernote”

  1. (Paul Raven, here, using my project birdsite account because logging into WP has become such a PITA in recent years.)

    Just wanted to drop the suggestion of Joplin as an addition to this list:

    Fully open source, cross-platform (Linux included), free to air, easy integration with Dr*pb*x and other common cloud storage, tools for migration from Evernote (and, I think, other such platforms). Discovered it around six months ago; genuine gamechanger for me.

  2. I can recommend two free and open source Evernote alternatives: Joplin & Zim wiki. I’m using the latter currently, but both have worked great for me and crucially they do not store data in proprietary formats but plain text instead so it’s easy to move between apps. Joplin in particular includes Evernote import functionality that might be of interest to people leaving the elephant.

  3. It’s a bit overload with functionality for what I wanted to use it for. But it’s just a personal preference. It doesn’t really get in the way, I just increasingly dislike mess in apps.

  4. Thanks Paul, I didn’t mean to suggest this was a comprehensive list! I just thought these ones seemed interesting. I’m totally hooked on Roam but multiple friends keep pointedly mentioning to me that there’s an open source alternative to it….

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