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This suggestion from Tim Wu on pg 352 of The Attention Merchants asks a question which has been on my mind a lot in the last year. If we accept the idea that distraction increases in a digital environment, in the sense of a difficulty in sustaining focus driven by the multiplication of disruptions, what does this […]

I’ve been a devoted user of Omnifocus for going on five years. At this point, I struggle to imagine how I could work without it, as I’m so utterly reliant on it to transform the hyperactive clutter within my mind into an ordered archive outside of it. But it’s hard to use. It took me […]

I came across a reference to this earlier today and was struck by how ahead of its time it was. It’s so much more resonant in a world of activity trackers, life hacking and executive mindfulness than it was originally.

Coffee Meditate for focus What do I want to achieve today? Do, Delete, Discard Inbox zero! (fleetingly) Remind self of priorities Meeting Get ahead on e-mail (how did people cope without iPhones?) Meeting Insufficient steps walked Resolve to do better tomorrow Reflect on day: what did I learn? Scan horizon Meditate for sleep Adjust sleep […]

I worry a lot about deep work (giving sustained attention to hard things that create value). As a professor, deep work is required to produce new results. Therefore, the more I do, the better. I often envy the schedules of professional writers — like Woody Allen, Neal Stephenson, or Stephen King — who can wake-up, work deeply until they reach their cognitive […]

I really enjoyed Raul Pacheco-Vega’s post yesterday on how he schedules his work life ‘to the very minute’ so I thought I’d offer my own reflections. I’m intellectually fascinated by how people organise their everyday lives for both personal and academic reasons. I used to have massive difficulties with procrastination and focus. I still do […]