Month: May 2014

More jobs here if these ones don’t take your fancy: Are you a native full-stack visiongineer who lives to marketechplatishforms? Then come work with us as an in-house NEOLOGIZER and reimaginatorialize the verbalsphere! If you are a slang-slinger who is equahome in brandegy and advertorial, a total expert in brandtech and techvertoribrand, and a first-class synergymnast, then […]

I wrote an overly brief post recently about the Elliot Rodger case (in the process offending some guys who are nice, though not ‘nice guys’) – this article by Richard Seymour, prefixed with a trigger warning, deftly shows how there’s much more to this case than just one person’s contingent hatred and brutality: This is […]

And to complete this clear out of things that were in my inbox that looked too interesting not to share: Youth activism and resistance conference, Friday 13th June 2014, University of Leicester, UK On Friday 13th of June the University of Leicester will be hosting one of the British Sociological Association’s Regional Postgraduate Events. The theme of this […]

CALL FOR PAPERS Theorising Personal Medical Devices: New Perspectives 18th-19th September 2014 Post-doctoral Suite, 16 Mill Lane, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Fuelled by the accelerating pace of technological development and a general shift to personalised, patient-led medicine alongside the growing Quantified Self and Big Data movements, the emerging field of personal medical devices is one which […]

This looks good: Link to the Journal Issue: List of Contents: 1) Susie Jacobs and Christian Klesse: lntroduction: Special Issue on “Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy” (pp 129-152) 2) Floya Anthias:  The Intersections of Class, Gender, Sexuality and ‘Race’: The Political Economy of Gendered Violence (pp 153-171) 3) Susie Jacobs: Gender, Land and Sexuality: Exploring Connections (pp 173-190) 4) Encarnación […]

Here is someone who has never seen a cat. He is looking through a narrow slit in a fence, and, on the other side, a cat walks by. He sees first the head, then the less distinctly shaped furry trunk, and then the tail. Extraordinary! The cat turns round and walks back, and again he […]

This podcast discussion is very interesting. I don’t think I’d ever heard leading figures from the think tank world reflect so openly about how they see their work. Any adequate sociology of think tanks has to be able to account for these self-understandings: The role of think tanks in shaping public policy dates back nearly […]

Valuing Electronic Music Upstairs at The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9JB 6 June 2014 4.30-10pm Admission free Valuing Electronic Music is an ongoing study of electronic music and the people who value it, carried out by Daniel Allington (Open University), Anna Jordanous (King’s College, London), and Byron Dueck(Open University). Our work explores how the value of electronic music transcends […]