Asexuality in Television and Film: Explicit Mentions (a reference post)


First, a quick explanation: This list is specifically of explicit, canonical mentions of asexuality in film or television; anything with an explicit mention of the word “asexual” is included, whether it’s a good example of actual asexuality or not. Instances of possible asexuality that are hinted at but not explicit (a.k.a. Sherlock, Sheldon) are not included here. Also, nonfiction works like the (A)sexual documentary have not been included.

(For some examples of characters in other forms of media like books and webcomics see this post)

Asexuality in Film:

The Olivia Experiment – an indie film featuring a main character (Olivia) who is questioning her (a)sexuality (but still remains undecided/in a “gray area” at the end of the film). Also includes an “asexual support” group, with some unfortunate stereotypes but a nice amount of explicitly identified asexuals (the treatment of the main character – especially in the latter half of the…

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