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  • Ontological junctures

    In the last few days, I’ve been gripped by a feature of Doom for Nintendo Switch. There are classic levels hidden throughout the game, waiting to be discovered in unlikely locations in each of the maps. What I can’t get over is how they exist as junctures between two game worlds, inviting the player to step into […]

  • The Consolations of Gaming in Digital Capitalism

    From How The World Changed Social Media, by Danny Miller et al, loc 1203 The stand-out figure here is from industrial China. This is probably the site where people’s working day involves the most unremitting labour in factories. It is therefore not all that surprising to note that they use gaming as a means to […]

  • 3 dystopian visions of the future of gaming (and capitalism)

    In a near future America, the world is locked into an inglorious decline while the majority of its population is locked into an intoxicatingly expansive virtual world. Ecological crisis and economic ruin operate hand-in-hand to leave the 99% living in sprawling slums, consisting of endless stacks of trailer parks, around the periphery of the surviving […]

  • The Celebrity Millionaires of Competitive Gaming

  • The King of Kong: a documentary about celebrity gamers

    And another documentary, via @Carwyn:

  • Gaming Metrics: Innovation & Surveillance in Academic Misconduct (via @claudiakincaid)

    UC Davis, February 4-5, 2016 The event is open to the public. Please register here. Follow on Twitter at #GamingMetrics. This conference explores a recent evolution of scholarly misconduct connected to the increasing reliance of metrics in the evaluation of individual faculty, departments, and universities.  Misconduct has traditionally been tied to the pressures of “publish or perish” […]

  • Call for papers: digital gaming (cc @TGJBrock)

    e invite you to submit your paper on digital gaming, Game Studies or related disciplines focusing on digital game and gaming in all its theoretical dimensions and emerging applications. Digital technologies promote a transformation in the practice of gaming and the role it plays in contemporary society. From a broader perspective, the monograph aims to […]

  • “world of warcraft is the new golf”

    From Untangling The Web, by Aleks Krotoski, pg 53-54: Joi Ito is the head of the Media Lab, a powerful thinktank based at MIT, one of the most respected academic institutions in the US. The Media Lab has been one of the most influential research laboratories for developing cutting edge technology. It’s also been in […]