How will universities cope with ChatGPT?

I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT over the last few days and the quality of the responses is really unsettling. I imagine there would be a certain set of skills needed to use this effectively to cheat on assignments, given the truncated character of the answers. But its capacity to offer coherent responses to relatively specialised questions is pretty stunning.

2 responses to “How will universities cope with ChatGPT?”

  1. This was a question I’d answer for our business clients many times in my working life and not just for Teams but also Yammer/Viva Engage. If this is the quality of the response, I’d worry if clients take it on face value then stop there.

    If anything, what’s missing – the real value – is the context, results, examples, case studies, outcomes, stories, and the how (of implementation and support of informal learning through the work).

    That’s where the human value would lie and where the real richness would be.

  2. You’re not the first person in the last few days who has ben less impressed with it than I am! I’m convinced these extracts could litter an essay successfully if someone is careful about how they do it. Though I suspect it’s the people who could already a good essay who would be best equipped to use the software like this.

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