Webinar: is an environmentally sustainable digital education possible?

October 19th, 7pm GMT

Digital technology is often presented as a solution to social and educational problems. It is imagined that if we find the right technology and deploy it in effective ways then previously intractable challenges might soon become a thing of the past. But what if digital education is part of the problem? To the extent it rests upon a continued proliferation of digital devices, ever expanding use of digital data and the embedding of ‘always on’ hyperconnectivity there are serious issues to be raised about the sustainability of digital education. 

Far from providing a route towards a fairer future the field risks exacerbating climate breakdown. Is it possible to reorientate digital education towards a more sustainable future or are these problems inherent in the digitalisation of education itself? Should we be trying to develop more sustainable forms of individual practice or are these distractions from political questions which need to be addressed collectively? In the first DTCE Digital Dialogue we are joined by Susan Brown, Jana Bacevic and Neil Selwyn to explore whether a more sustainable digital education is possible and how we might work towards it.

This event is cancelled. I’ll post rescheduled information here once it is confirmed.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

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