How many professors are part of the 1%?

An obvious question raised by this fact on loc 270 of Andrew Sayer’s Why We Can’t Afford the Rich is how many professors are part of this 1%? Many can be found within business schools and medical schools but anecdote suggests they can be found throughout the university system:

In fact, the inequalities within the top 1% are much greater than between them and the 99%. Those in the top 1% in the UK have incomes ranging from just under £ 100,000 to billions. 4

One response to “How many professors are part of the 1%?”

  1. They are all in the global top 1%, and easily so. Also note that doubling increases the sense of subjective wellbeing by about the same amount, for any given income. This undermines the idea that differences within the 1% are greater: they are in absolute $ value, but that’s a ridiculous metric anyway.

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