Call for Papers – (In)Equalities and Social (In)Visibilities in the Digital Age

*Call for Papers – (In)Equalities and Social (In)Visibilities in the
Digital Age – Journal Interações*

The influence of new technologies in public and private spheres of society,
rather than a reformulation, has given rise to a new social field and
directly interferes with how we perceive the world, relate to it and
others. In Pierre Bourdieu’s (2001) theory, field arises as a configuration
of socially distributed relations.

Progressively, a universe of socialisation has emerged and consolidated:
cyberspace. Although virtual, it exists and produces effects. It can be
defined as the space boosted by the different digital communication
platforms and assumes itself as an individual communication model, allowing
the receiver to be simultaneously emitter. Space of flows (Castells, 1996),
cyberspace translates the social dimension of the Internet enabling the
diffusion of communication/information on a global scale. This causes an
intense process of inclusion and exclusion of people in the network.

The reference to info-inclusive and info-excluded societies of the digital
scenario is imperative when it is reflected in the geography of the new
socio-technological spaces. The dynamics of these territories are directly
associated with the way social, demographic, economic and technological
variables condition each other, revealing the potential for dissemination
of information and knowledge through technologies.

In this special issue of the journal Interações we propose a reflection on
(In)Equalities and Social (In)Visibilities in the Digital Age. Unpublished
works that present research results and/or theoretical reflection on this
theme are accepted (although this special issue is not limited to these

– Digital and social and economic inequalities in different geographical
– Promoting equality by digital;
– Visibilities and social invisible created by movements of exclusion or
social inclusion, digital, media, economic, etc.;
– Invisible social groups in the digital age;
– Digital literacy and vulnerable social groups;
– Digital as a geographical barrier;
– Conditioning created by technology to the individual in a social context.

Deadline for submission of articles: June 25
Notification of acceptance: July 10
Publication: July 31

The articles must be sent via email:

Any questions should be addressed to the same email.

Guidelines and other instructions for authors can be found on the journal’s

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