How life coaching spreads in corporate cultures

From Losing the Signal, Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff’s history of Research In Motion, pg 179:

Bruised by the Storm experience and confused by the apparent rift between Balsillie and Lazaridis, executives feuded more frequently over turf and for the attention of their CEOs. Some turned to Don Morrison, the company’s kindly Father Time, who had long been the de facto friend-in-need for executives. Morrison in turn referred them to Donn Smith, the unorthodox personal life coach who had helped Balsillie pull himself back from the edge during the NTP crisis. Morrison had become a disciple after Balsillie sent his wife and him to see Smith when their marriage almost unraveled in the fall of 2009. After three days in British Columbia with Smith, Morrison says the marriage was saved. He was convinced he had found the antidote for RIM’s troubled management in Smith. The company wouldn’t be able to fix its problems unless its executives could reclaim their confidence and “internal perfection” through Smith’s I Am Energy program, Morrison thought. Over the next two years, Morrison would refer three dozen RIM executives to see his and Balsillie’s personal saviour, with costs covered by RIM’s leadership training budget.

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