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Before WhatsApp there was BBM

From Losing the Signal, pg 203: The most compelling feature driving BlackBerry sales in the developing world wasn’t wireless e-mail but another application that had been included with devices since the mid-2000s: BlackBerry Messenger. While BlackBerry was losing the app race in North America, BBM was establishing itself as BlackBerry’s […]

When phones became computers

A really important bit of history recounted in Losing the Signal, pg 139-140, a really excellent book about the history of Research In Motion: In the summer of 2007, however, Lazaridis cracked open a phone that gave him pause. “They’ve put a Mac in this thing,” he marveled after peering […]

The Sociology of Patent Trolling

In their interesting history of the rise and fall of Research In Motion, Losing the Signal, Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff describe how close a patent troll came to taking down what was at the time becoming the dominant player in the nascent market for smart phones. A patent was salvaged […]

“Please, sir, may I go home?”

An interesting snippet from Losing The Signal, by Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff, concerning the lengths to which overzealous mangers would go during the early days of Research In Motion. From pg 39: One RIM manager became so obsessed with deadlines he issued an edict requiring engineers to ask permission […]