who’s more popular on twitter? the UK’s top research universities or academic blogs and viral feeds?

Comparing the follower counts for Twitter feeds based on the 2014 REF results (i.e. I mean ‘top’ in a very narrow sense) and an  unsystematically chosen selection of the Twitter feeds I’ve been scrutinising this morning as I finish off the book.

Oxford University: 231,000
Cambridge University: 200,000
Shit Academics Say: 129,000
Nein Quarterly: 114,000
Lego Academics: 51,000
Cardiff University: 44,800
Warwick University: 44,300
LSE Politics & Policy: 40,800*
LSE Events: 40,600
Imperial College: 37,900
Kings College London: 37,900
Grad School Elitist: 37,300**
University College London: 34,500
LSE: 23,200
Sociological Imagination: 19,200
Academia Obscura: 17,300
The Sociological Review: 15,500
Manchester University: 11,500
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: 8,590***

*I’m pleased to see so much continued growth. I was quite proud of having more than doubled the follower count when I ran it for six months & hoped it would eventually become the most prominent twitter feed at LSE.

**Not for long! The account has now gone private in the face of widespread condemnation.

***This is actually the Press account. The university doesn’t seem to have a dedicated Twitter feed.