When marketers are too lazy to disguise their fill in the blanks

I didn’t realise “sociologicalimagination.org” emphasised the importance of “tutor”. It’s fun to learn stuff:

I was surfing for quality websites which emphasizes the importance of “Tutor” and found “http://sociologicalimagination.org“.
I’m writing up this mail just to get a hold of you for appreciating your good work on maintaining an informative & attractive website on the topic of “Tutor”.
Actually I have just put together a cool infographic on the key points of “Tutor” techniques and to add more spices we also included the latest trends evolving around this topic.
I thought someone like you who is already writing a lot about this topic will get some insights out of it. If you can be so generic and share it in your website, it may bring more traffic and add real visitors to your site.
Revert back if you want to check it out.
Is this algorithmic or solely idiotic?

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