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ISSUE NINE: June 2014
Sue Scott On the Truth in Sex: The Times they are a-Changin’, or Not
Ruth Holliday, David Bell, Meredith Jones & Olive Cheung Clinical Trails: Cosmetic Surgery Tourism
Stephen Crossley “Joining the Dots”? The Role of Research in the ‘Troubled Families’ Agenda
Naaz Rashid Framing Integration: The New Assimilation
Navtej Purewal The Two Iron Ladies of 1984: Remembering the Postcoloniality of Operation Blue Star Thirty Years On
Stevi Jackson Mother/ Daughter Relationships: Cultural Difference and Modernity
Jenny van Hooff Conscious Uncoupling: Reassessing Agency and Desire in Couple Relationships
Steve Garner Freeze Frame? Resisting the Relevance of Films about Slavery
Maggie O’Neill The Slow University: Work, Time and Well-Being
                Susie Scott, Liz McDonnell& Matt Dawson Asexual Lives: Social Relationships and Intimate Encounters
Noor-ul-Ain Khawaja &Muhammad Hashsham Khan Egypt: From Mubarak to Sisi
James Hampshire UKIP’s Fox in the Henhouse
On the Frontline:  
Anonymous Crude Power in Thailand’s 2014 Coup: Old Soldiers Almost Die
Policy Briefing:
James Wilson Care.Data and the Future of the NHS


Managing Editors: John Holmwood (Nottingham) and Sue Scott (York)

Editorial Board: Kehinde Andrews (Newman); Lorenza Antonucci (West of Scotland);

Les Back (Goldsmiths); Ben Baumberg (Kent); Gurminder K. Bhambra (Warwick);

Mark Carrigan (Warwick); Suzanne Hall (LSE); Steve MacKay (Lincoln); David Mellor (Oxford); Katherine Smith (Edinburgh); Emma Uprichard (Warwick)

Editorial Assistant: Rachel Jones


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Published by Social Research Publishing (a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee)​


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