Did iOS 7 ruin anyone else’s iPad or just mine?

Since installing it on my first generation iPad mini a month ago:

  1. My iPad now crashes on a daily basis. I can make this happen slightly less frequently by judiciously closing background applications but, even so, it now tends to crash at least once each day (I use my iPad a lot) whereas previously it not crashed once in a year of heavy daily use.
  2. The disk space is mysteriously and disturbingly vanishing. Either things aren’t deleting properly or new things are being installed without my knowledge. I’m constantly running out of space and, despite repeated rounds of deletion, I seem to be running out of disk space ever more quickly. It’s difficult to be certain but there’s at least 5-7 gig which has gone missing in the last month.
  3. It stalls at least once when watching a video, sometimes though not always followed by a few seconds of skipping ahead.
  4. When I delete videos if it’s set to ‘only show downloaded videos’ (which I use a lot because of the constant deletion the vanishing disk space requires) the video app crashes after you delete something.
  5. The keyboard is sluggish and sticky. Whereas I’d learnt to type very fast, it’s now not possible and I’ve given up on writing on my iPad.

My contempt for Apple and their design philosophy has been slowly building for many months. It’s reached the stage where, as soon as I can afford it, I want to move to Android. The only thing that’s stopping me is Omnifocus. I’ve become so utterly dependent on this app (synched between desktop, laptop, ipad and iphone) to function as a human being that I find the prospect of having to switch to different software mildly terrifying. Using it heavily for years has meant that my every short, medium and long term intention is systematically recorded in there in a way that I’m wary of trying to recreate within different software. But god damn I am starting to hate Apple and the perpetual “fuck you” which seems to emanate from them towards any critical attitude towards their products, as well as the creepy apple fan boys who have internalised this attitude and direct it to anyone else who is critical in this way – go look at discussions of ios7 on apple support forums if you think I’m exaggerating.

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