Reminder & Call for Posters, CAQD, Berlin, March 6-7, 2014

The 16th Conference on Computer-Assisted Analysis of Qualitative Data (CAQD) will be held in Berlin from March 6 to 7, 2014. You will find all relevant details on the registration and the academic program at
The conference offers a combination of workshops, methods discussions and reports from research practice.

CAQD will feature a total of 17 workshops including, among others:
# MAXQDA starter courses (in English and Spanish)
# MAXQDA for advanced users
# Systematic reviews with MAXQDA
# Qualitative text analysis
# Mixing methods and data types for analysing open-ended questions
# Audio and video analysis and mobile field research with MAXApp
A comprehensive list of workshops is available at

The conference will also feature a poster session on Thursday, March 6 for which we accept proposals of posters on computer-assisted analysis of qualitative data and the use of MAXQDA within the context of a research project.

The focus of the poster should be on presenting how your analysis relates to your use of the software for analyzing qualitative data.

Possible topics for your poster might include:

# Implementation of specific research steps/methodologies using MAXQDA
# Connecting, integrating and exchanging data between different (analysis) programs (such as mind mapping tools, reference management tools, statistical software)
# Approaches to visualization and specific examples of visuals
# Use of analytical software in research groups (teamwork process, issues, etc.)
# Quantification of the research process
# Dealing with specific document types (e.g. very long, very short, many, very different, etc.)

Proposals should be sent to no later than January 31, 2014. You will find all relevant details on the submission at We will inform you until February 9, 2014whether your poster has been accepted.Please do not hesitate to contact us, in case you have any further questions!

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