Girlhood Reading Group at the University of Warwick

The recent controversy surrounding Miley Cyrus’ provocative performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards has brought the discussion of girlhood to the forefront of popular culture. The commentators puzzled over the star’s transformation — reading Cyrus as both liberated and corrupt, honest and disingenuous —and their bafflement reflected the incongruities at the heart of the cultural construction of “the girl”. What is girlhood and how do we being to make sense of this label?

The proposed reading group seeks to address these concerns. Designed to bring together Postgraduate researchers from across disciplines, the group will provide an open space for interrogating the diversity of frameworks and approaches to the study of girlhood. The meetings will take place every three weeks and the readings will be chosen collaboratively among materials suggested by the participants. The sessions will also potentially include screenings of films and other audiovisual materials. The introductory meeting will take place on Wednesday the 27th (Week 9) at 4pm in room 4 at the PG Hub. If you cannot attend at the specified date but would like to express interest in the group or for any further information, please email Marta Wasik at

The group is open to all interested. 

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