Research Help! Answer this quick entirely unscientific question for me? Please :)

I’m planning a paper about the cultural impact asexuality is/will/might have on non-asexuals. The method obviously isn’t particularly scientific, at least not in the sense it’s commonly used, though I do think it’s a useful tool (when combined with twitter, facebook and helpful online friends) as part of the research process. This is the first of three polls which I want to use as a starting point for planning the paper.

If you’re willing, it would be really appreciated if you could share this via facebook or twitter. Also, it would be a huge help if anyone’s willing to answer an additional two questions using the comments box below: “If someone told you they were asexual, what would you think they meant?” and “What do you think your response would be?”

If you identify as asexual yourself please don’t answer any of these questions

One thought on “Research Help! Answer this quick entirely unscientific question for me? Please :)

  1. It would mean that they lack the experience of sexual attraction.
    My response: “Great! It’s good to meet someone who’s going to talk about intelligent things rather than woffling on about sex.”

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