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I’ve been thinking recently about trying to relaunch asexualitystudies.org (which is now asexualitystudies.wordpress.com because the domain lapsed) as a group blog. As I see it the site would serve four purposes: Collating news about asexuality research Curating asexuality related resources  Providing a network spacing for asexuality researchers Providing a forum for people to write shorter […]

“Spotlight on Asexuality Studies” was a groundbreaking event hosted by the Identity Repertoires/Mind the Gap research group in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, UK.  Academics, activists, community members, therapists and students gathered in the university library and online to discuss contemporary asexual research, with papers presented both in-person and from the […]

My chapter outline for the book I’m planning for this research project: Late Capitalism and A/Sexual Culture Introduction Part 1 The History of Asexuality The Asexual Community Asexual Experience The Sexual Assumption Sexual Culture Part 2 The Sociology of Intimate Life 1949 – 1979 The Sociology of Intimate Life Life 1980 – 1997 The Sociology […]

Most of us see ourselves as living in a sexually liberated age. Having thrown off the shackles of prejudice and prudishness, we believe ours is an enlightened culture where we tolerate sexual difference and value sexual choice. Yet are we as well adjusted about sex as we tend to think we are? Drawing on my […]

This research project is an extension of my research on asexuality, particularly the notion of the sexual assumption this had led me to. I take this to be the habitual cognitive category which, as an empirical claim, asexual individuals regularly encounter in the dispositional reactions and the reflective judgements of peers, friends, family and others. […]

Something I’m really looking forward to is taking place in December. Myself and two other asexuality researchers have organised a panel on asexuality and sexualisation for this international conference on the Sexualisation of Culture in London: Ela Przybylo – York University CJ DeLuzio Chasin – University of Windsor Mark Carrigan – University of Warwick I haven’t […]

1) How did this process get you started on the study of  Asexuality? My first reaction when I came across the idea of asexuality was actually non-comprehension. In common with a lot of the sexual people I’ve spoken to about asexuality since then, I found it very interesting but I just didn’t ‘get it’. I’d […]