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From Zizek’s Trouble in Paradise, pg 57. This isn’t necessarily the case but it’s a claim that holds true in the absence of personal tech skills and a disposition to  exercise then: The paradox is that, the more the small item (smartphone or iPod) I hold in my hand is personalized, easy to use, ‘transparent’ […]

From Addiction By Design pg 83-84 Seeking to engender this same compelling sense of efficacy, secondary “bonus games” on video slots invite gamblers to perform actions over which they seem to have control (but do not). Anchor Gaming’s 2000 game Strike It Rich, for instance, presented players with a bonus game in which the object […]

Present it as a technology for ensuring services are “as individual as you are”. I don’t think this Barclays advert is selling surveillance but I think their advertising strategy is something we will begin to see ever more of in coming years.