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From Counterculture to Cyberculture, by Fred Turner, presents the fascinating history through which avowed cultural radicals of the 1960s came to generate the present day dogmas of working culture under digital capitalism. In the last week, I’ve written about this in terms of the digital nomad and the digital hipster. These cultural forms are, as […]

I just came across this term in The Upstarts, by Brad Stone, loc 1828: Enjoying a modicum of momentum, Kalanick leased a new office in San Francisco but had a month before he could move in. Instead of waiting, he took the whole company to Thailand, where they worked eighteen-hour days out of cafés and […]

This looks great: CFP Mediated Intimacies DEADLINE EXTENDED Mediated Intimacies Call for Papers: Special Issue of Journal of Gender Studies to be published in March 2017 edited by Feona Attwood, Jamie Hakim, Alison Winch EXTENDED DEADLINE – 30th January 2016 In what ways does media convergence culture represent, intervene in, exploit and enable intimate relations? […]

There was a Guardian article last summer which really caught my imagination. It introduced the term ‘everythingist’ to explain a recurrent inability to commit because there are so many other things to do. I’m a recovering everythingist. Or maybe I’m not recovering but I’ve learnt to make it work for me (at least in my working life). Though […]