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Open Research for Academics: A workshop and hackathon

October 29th, Goldsmiths, University of London Open research is much more than open access. It is about making all aspects of the research process open to all possible interested parties. It involves innovative approaches to communicating results and sharing outputs. It is about accessibility, inclusivity, citizen science, public engagement, radical transparency, […]

Open research projects

I’m really interested in this concept of ‘open research projects’ which I just encountered on the Association of Internet Researchers mailing list.  We recently launched our survey <; to collect participant data. Click here to go directly to the survey. <; We will follow-up with interviews of participants using survey […]

Open research and ‘self-promotion’

I just read an interesting (though slightly depressing!) post from Nick Hopwood giving useful advice to PhDs and ECRs. I’m not quibbling with his advice per se and I genuinely enjoy his blog but I took issue with this paragraph: I had vague ideas that academics, with a few obvious exceptions, get on […]