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  • Social Media and Open Research: What Does ‘Open’ Mean?

    Notes for a talk at this event on Saturday.  In the not too distant past, the use of social media in higher education was seen as a curiosity at best. Perhaps something to be explained or inquired into but certainly not something deemed relevant to scholarship. Yet it’s now increasingly hard to move without encountering the […]

  • Open Research for Academics: A workshop and hackathon

    October 29th, Goldsmiths, University of London Open research is much more than open access. It is about making all aspects of the research process open to all possible interested parties. It involves innovative approaches to communicating results and sharing outputs. It is about accessibility, inclusivity, citizen science, public engagement, radical transparency, reproducibility, data sharing, social media […]

  • “They were stalking the corridors, the lecture rooms, the offices…”: open research, ethics and impact

    The Last Seminar by Stan Cohen must surely merit consideration as the strangest paper ever to appear in a Sociology journal. It tells the story of a gradual invasion of the university campus by those who are neither expected nor welcome: research participants. Encountering  strangely familiar figures in their everyday working lives, befuddled sociologists suddenly begin to […]

  • Open research projects

    I’m really interested in this concept of ‘open research projects’ which I just encountered on the Association of Internet Researchers mailing list.  We recently launched our survey <http://digitallyliterate.net/announcement/tltsurvey/&gt; to collect participant data. Click here to go directly to the survey. <https://cofc.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_d08stZ0o2NwWLWd&gt; We will follow-up with interviews of participants using survey data and snowball sampling. This […]

  • The lessons of music culture for scholarly communication

    Dave Beer makes some interesting points in this short article which frames current debates about open access in terms of trends within music culture, which have been driven by broadly similar structural processes and have been playing themselves out for much longer. Some people argue that rendering academic publishing more ‘open’ could prove hugely problematic, […]

  • Open research and ‘self-promotion’

    I just read an interesting (though slightly depressing!) post from Nick Hopwood giving useful advice to PhDs and ECRs. I’m not quibbling with his advice per se and I genuinely enjoy his blog but I took issue with this paragraph: I had vague ideas that academics, with a few obvious exceptions, get on in their careers by doing […]

  • Continuous Publishing, Open Research and Impact (part 2)

    Part 2 of this post. I had to stop writing because the battery on my phone was dying. Though the fact that I can write part 1 of the post (on my phone in a coffee shop in Manchester while waiting for a train) and write part 2 of the post (from a desktop computer […]

  • Continuous Publishing, Open Research and Impact

    Some initial thoughts for a talk i’m doing tomorrow: – what goes into producing a chapter or a paper? Lots of ideas, conversations, extracts from texts, chunks of writing etc. some of these have a social existence, in so far as they emerge out of formal or informal academic conversations, however most are private and […]