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An interesting extract from The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power), by Harry Browne, loc 2967: What is intriguing about Bono’s rhapsody is the part of the history lesson that really excited him: not democracy, but the ability of a group of rich men to bring about dramatic change, and to do so in […]

From Gates, by Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews, loc 10326: Aging brought another challenge—what one female friend called the “fear of not having any more brilliant ideas. The idea that after thirty, you’re kind of over the hill, that you’re not being clever anymore.” Steve Jobs, she believed, had a similar fear, one he and […]

The culture of competitive sleep deprivation has reached weird heights in recent years. This Guardian feature, detailing the times at which CEOs wake up, gives some sense of the extreme forms this can take. Concern for sleep pervades productivity culture, most obviously on sites like Life Hacker, with sleep routines given parity to software choices […]

From Gates, by Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews, loc 6989-7007: Microsoft was more like a northwestern Paul Bunyan. “It’s a culture of work,” Cole recalled. “Bill would hate it when the weather got good in Seattle. People would leave early. They weren’t going to put in their twelve hours that day or sixteen hours that […]