The (American) dreams of defensive elites

An interesting extract from The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power), by Harry Browne, loc 2967:

What is intriguing about Bono’s rhapsody is the part of the history lesson that really excited him: not democracy, but the ability of a group of rich men to bring about dramatic change, and to do so in the name of a ringingly good idea. The association of this peculiar form of greatness with Bill Gates, who had become something of a partner and patron to Bono, is surely no accident. (For more on the Gates connection, see below.) Bono’s version of America’s ‘idea’, in short, is fully in keeping with his own campaigning practice: rich and powerful men making decisions and creating change that they say is in the interests of everyone else – who may or may not get a say in the matter.

I’d like to find more unguarded statements of inspiration by prominent philanthrocapitalists, in order to consider their underlying motivations. 

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