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An overview of the things that I’ve been reading this morning. I’ve been focusing on this today because I think this section of the book is a little weak, despite it being one of the most important and interesting issues I cover. A useful essay reflecting on the David Guth case, in which a professor’s […]

From What about Me?: the struggle for identity in a market-based society by Paul Verhaeghe: Enron, an American multinational, introduced this practice at the end of the previous century, dubbing it the ‘Rank and Yank appraisal system’. The individual performances of its staff members were continually monitored and contrasted. On the basis of the results, one-fifth […]

There’s a valuable analysis by John Holmwood on the Campaign for the Public University site of ‘brand protection’ in UK higher education. It’s a response to this blog post which was subsequently deleted (thankfully there are screenshots): In a recent blog, David Browne, Senior Associate on the Employment Team for SGH Martineau, Legal firm with […]