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  • To Blog or Not to Blog: Research Projects, Centres and Networks

    To Blog or Not to Blog: Research Projects, Centres and Networks

    October 27th 2017, 1:30pm to 5:00pm, Manchester UK In only a matter of years, blogging has become a mainstream part of academic practice. Research projects, networks and centres regularly maintain blogs, with the intention of promoting their work and building their connections. However it can be difficult to ensure this activity is worthwhile, rather than […]

  • The transformation of academic writing and the challenge of ephemera

    What does social media mean for academic writing? Most answers to this question focus on how such platforms might constrain or enable the expression of complex ideas. For instance, we might encounter scepticism that one could express conceptual nuance in 140 characters or an enthusiasm for blogging as offering new ways to explore theoretical questions beyond the confines of the […]

  • The value of university managed online spaces

    A superb article by Sierra Williams, editor of the LSE Impact Blog, building on a talk she did at an event in Sheffield last week:

  • Why Medium could change academic blogging

    I wrote a few months ago about the potential value of the Medium blogging service for academics. It’s one of a range of new services which are popping up (see Kinja, Svbtle and Ghost) that differ from older platforms in a range of ways. Given the effective hegemony of WordPress, an obvious question is posed […]