To Blog or Not to Blog: Research Projects, Centres and Networks

October 27th 2017, 1:30pm to 5:00pm, Manchester UK

In only a matter of years, blogging has become a mainstream part of academic practice. Research projects, networks and centres regularly maintain blogs, with the intention of promoting their work and building their connections. However it can be difficult to ensure this activity is worthwhile, rather than an additional burden in already busy working lives.

This afternoon workshop will help you ensure that blogging contributes to your research project, research network or research centre. It is led by one of the most experienced academic bloggers in the UK: a personal blogger for almost fifteen years, founding editor of The Sociological Imagination, digital fellow at The Sociological Review, former editor of the LSE’s British Politics & Policy Blog and founding member of the editorial board at Discover Society.

This three hour session will address the full range of issues faced by those maintaining blogs for research projects, research networks or research centres:

  • How do I find the time for blogging?
  • What should I post on our blog?
  • How do I increase the audience for our blog?
  • How do I assess the success of our blog?
  • How can I make our blog more visually appealing?
  • How can I integrate our blogging with other social media?
  • How can we collaborate effectively on our blog?
  • How do we use the blog to promote our publications and events?

There will be plenty of time for general questions, as well as opportunities to network with other academic bloggers. In addition to this, participants also have the option to purchase five hours of additional coaching via Skype to offer ongoing support. This includes a free copy of Social Media for Academics.

Register here:

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