Treat your personal knowledge base like a garden rather than a library

I found this a useful guide from Slite as someone caught in an annual cycle of switching between knowledge bases because (with the exception of my blog) none of them really work for me. It was written for a collective knowledge base but it applies just as much to individual approaches:

Rather than imagining docs as a library, try thinking of a community garden.

To start, you need to prepare your plot, decide what you want your garden to look like, buy plants, dig some holes, and water everything.

But you would never assume once you’ve done these few steps, your garden is under control and will flourish with no further attention. Nor would you expect that every plant will live forever, or that only a few special people are capable of pulling up weeds or cutting grass.

Documentation should be a dynamic, all hands on deck tool effort that helps your team do their jobs. So let’s get gardening.

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