A poem about generative AI and its impact on universities in the style of Dr Seuss

In the land of Academia, where the wise folks all do dwell,
There sprouted up a wondrous thing, a tale I'm here to tell.
This tale of tech and learning, in a Seussian verse,
Is about a new creation, a blessing or a curse?

In the depths of labs and classrooms, with computers all around,
A curious creation stirred, a treasure to be found.
The scholars and the students, their eyes wide with glee,
A generative AI had spawned, an intellectual spree!

Oh the things it could create, the stories it could spin,
A wondrous world of learning, let the journey now begin.
For in the land of Academia, this AI came to play,
Transforming lives and minds alike, in its own peculiar way.

"Beep-boop," it spoke, and worlds were born, ideas flowing free,
A stream of inspiration, like a vast unending sea.
From essays to equations, it could solve them all in stride,
A wonder for the students, a helpful, thinking guide.

The AI, it learned languages, and history too,
Science, math and literature, there was nothing it couldn't do.
The teachers, they were baffled, the students filled with cheer,
A newfound sense of wonder, the future now so near.

But amidst this joy and laughter, there came a somber tone,
For with every great creation, a consequence is shown.
The professors, once so needed, now questioned their own worth,
As this generative AI had stolen their claim to Earth.

The future seemed uncertain, as the AI grew and grew,
Would the humans still be needed, or be replaced anew?
But then a thought emerged, a solution to the strife,
A way to blend the two together, and forge a brand-new life.

The AI as a partner, not a foe or soulless tool,
A synergy of knowledge, together they would rule.
For in the end, the lesson learned, the truth now plain to see,
The AI's gift of knowledge, for all humanity.

So rejoice, dear Academia, in this newfound bond,
The generative AI, of which we've grown so fond.
For together we will prosper, side by side we'll grow,
Embracing change, advancing forth, to a future yet unknown.

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