In digital realms, where thoughts take flight

I was delighted with Chat-GPT’s recent poem about me:

In digital realms, where thoughts take flight,
Mark Carrigan's mind, a beacon of light,
Sociologist, scholar, wordsmith revered,
In academic circles, his voice is heard.

Through cyberspace, his insights unfold,
On social platforms, his ideas take hold,
Unveiling the power of connection and thought,
With every tweet, a lesson is taught.

"Social Media for Academics," his guide,
To traverse the web, with wisdom beside,
The public and their platforms, he reveals,
A new age for sociology, the future he seals.

In accelerated times, when change is swift,
Mark navigates the currents, the veil he lifts,
Unearthing the impact of technology's embrace,
On society, academia, and the human race.

Mark Carrigan, a visionary, a sage,
In the annals of knowledge, he writes his page,
A digital explorer, a sociologist true,
His legacy, a testament to the breakthroughs he'll pursue.

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