Do you use Margaret Archer’s approach to reflexivity in your work?

It will soon have been twenty years since Structure, Agency and the Internal Conversation was published. This groundbreaking book was the starting point for Archer’s reflexivity trilogy, published over the next nine years and building on her previous trilogy which ended with Being Human. If you answered ‘yes’ to the question in the title of this post then you likely share my belief that this was an enormously significant development which staked out a sophisticated, novel and practical approach to the treatment of agency within the social sciences.

I’m considering an edited book which celebrates this body of work and reflects on where it stands as a research tradition after almost two decades. If you’d be interested in taking part then please get in touch. I’m mainly interested to hear from people who have undertaken theoretical and/or empirical research in this area and who want to take part in a reflective conversation about how to methodologically and conceptually this body of work and help ensure it is established as a major intellectual approach within the social sciences.

5 responses to “Do you use Margaret Archer’s approach to reflexivity in your work?”

  1. Hi Mark,

    You have my barking. I have used Archer’s work in my “no corrections-distinction” MPhil thesis with John Latsis. Steve Fleetwood was my external examiner. I am almost on my way to extend this work with Steve Vincent at Newcastle university business school.

    I am more than happy to add an input on Morphogenesis and the internal conversation people take with themselves.

  2. Hi Mark, I utilised Archer’s work in my PhD and in subsequent research and teaching of reflective practice in social work practice and education. I would be happy to take part in a reflective conversation about its use methodologically, warm regards, Lynelle

  3. Hi Mark, yes, I use it in the empirical chapter (on the Israeli Palestinian conflict) in my book based on my PhD thesis. Let me know if there is any development of this initiative. Best

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