What has a year of COVID-19 done to knowledge production?

In this new series of The Isolation Pod we’ll be discussing knowledge production after a year of COVID-19. We cover a range of topics in this opening episode from the affectivity of online teaching and the physical strains of digital scholarship through to the social infrastructure for scholarship and the opportunity to critically revaluate the ‘normal’ which many of us feel a yearning to return to. This exploratory conversation raised lots of issues we’ll explore in future such as the role of practice in responding to crisis, the likely shape of post-pandemic academic culture and whether we need to rebuild the social fabric of scholarship. 

Listen to it here: https://anchor.fm/theisolationpod/embed/episodes/What-has-a-year-of-COVID-19-done-to-knowledge-production-eq1iek (for some reason the podcast Embed has stopped working on WordPress 😡)

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