Zygmunt Bauman’s early career as a professional ideologist

From pg 136 of this new biography from Izabela Wagner:

One of his most important tasks, which he performed frequently, was writing political texts with the objective of communist indoctrination. Producing such literature required good historical knowledge and a background in the Marxist literature, with mastery of ‘classics’ such as Lenin’s work. Long office hours were devoted to the preparation of all kind of speeches, some presented later by himself, some by others. Decades later, Bauman would describe this work as boring and not really important. ‘My job there was very dull, in fact’, he told the journalist Edemariam, who added: ‘He wrote political pamphlets for soldiers.’ Bauman was also in charge of organizing training and political education aimed at promoting the ‘enlargement of the socialist/ communist conscience’. A KBW archive document illustrates part of Bauman’s day-to-day activities as an organizer of training for political officers.