Why social media matters for academics

The philosopher Daniel Little has long been my favourite theory blogger. I was so pleased to read this thoughtful reflection on the scholarly purposes of social media which included a generous endorsement of Social Media for Academics:

The appearance of a second edition of Mark Carrigan’s Social Media for Academics is therefore timely. Both young academics — well versed in the mechanics of social media — and more senior scholars will find the book interesting and provocative, and many will find useful new ways of presenting and discussing their work using the resources created by social media platforms. I’ve long been convinced of the value of blogging as a platform for developing and disseminating my work in philosophy and sociology, and I celebrate Mark’s efforts to help all of us figure out constructive, intellectually valuable ways of using the various media available to us.

It can’t hurt to add one of my periodic reminders that the second edition was released in October last year. It has been massively expanded with new material on Facebook groups, trolling, videocasts, live blogging, research impact, live streaming, working with freelancers and much more.

Please get in touch if you’re running a training course or development workshop for academics and would be interested in providing participants with copies of the book. I can provide a reduction on the cover price of at least 20%.