The unsustainability of 5G and the growth of tech nationalism

The sustainability implications of 5G are increasingly recognised, as this overview from GSMA makes clear. Note that this is the industry’s own trade body rather than a pressure group external to it:

Energy is becoming even more important due to climate change and sustainability considerations. The potential increase in data traffic (up to 1,000 times more) and the infrastructure to cope with it in the 5G era could make 5G to, arguably, consume up to 2-3 times as much energy. This potential increase in energy, coming from a high number of base stations, retail stores and office space,  maintaining legacy plus 5G networks and the increasing cost of energy supply – call for action.

However I’m struggling to find analysis which connects this issue to the growth of tech nationalism, particularly the conflict between American and a Chinese tech over the advancement of 5G.