Boris the introvert

I found this interesting from pg 13-14 of Sonia Purnell’s immensely readable biography of Boris Johnson:

Boris–or rather ‘Al’–would move house but he would do so a total of 32 times over the next 14 years. 8 As a whole, throughout his childhood he lived in five cities, five London boroughs, one Somerset village (in at least two different houses), three US states, three countries and two continents […]. Even in adulthood, though, there are moments when he appears to retreat into an inner Al, far away from the commotion and distractions of life around him. Sometimes only a forceful and repeated direct question can pull him back from this private world, his re-entry into reality accompanied by much eye-rolling, hair-ruffling and frequent ‘aaarhs’ and ‘grrrrs’. This detachment can be a somewhat disarming trait in such a physically large man with an even bigger personality, but it’s a characteristic he shares with others who have suffered hearing difficulties and subsequently created their own internal worlds.

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