Making time to think

It occurred to me yesterday that I spend less time thinking than I once did. One of the reasons I wanted to leave The Sociological Review and have a period of (sadly self-funded) underemployment was because I’d felt for a year or two that I was  as cognitively occupied as I’m capable of being. I keep running out of bandwidth and I increasingly dislike it.

The problem is partly one of how my life has changed in the last five years or so. It used to provide me with endless occasions to think and I’ve failed to realised that I increasingly need to make time for this. There are a number of ways in which I can do this which I’ve been failing to:

  • Not listening to music or a podcast when I’m walking
  • Turning my phone off or putting it in my bag when I travel
  • Sitting in coffees shops with a notebook rather than a phone or iPad.
  • Not listening to podcasting/audiobooks in the bath

These are small steps but I found it rewarding to think in these terms, with ‘thinking time’ being an accomplishment rather than a generalised feature of my life as a whole which I struggle to exercise an immediate influence over.