I’ve finally finished the second edition of Social Media for Academics

  1. Rewritten line by line, including new ideas, insights, suggestions, references
  2. One huge new chapter (the dark side of social media)
  3. One 50% rewritten chapter
  4. New forward with lots of substantive content & overview of my approach to SMA
  5. Large new section on podcast, videocasting, live streaming, working with freelancers
  6. Large new section on using social media to help inform and support research projects
  7. New section on hybrid forms of publication
  8. New advice on Facebook groups, Live blogging, planning hashtags
  9. New section on planning an impact strategy
  10. New conversations featured with Dave Beer, Roger Burrows, Petra Boynton, Emma Jackson and Deborah Lupton.
  11. New section on e-mail marketing and newsletters
  12. Extended section on using images and how it can go wrong
  13. Extended section on finding your voice online, including with multimedia projects
  14. Additional recommended reading for every chapter
  15. Somehow consumed more intellectual and emotional energy than the first edition did and is being submitted six months late 😬

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